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Is Ghostwriting Cheating?

Nope. If I have an idea for a business venture and enlist the help of a coach, contractor, branding expert, web designer and even my kiddo to lick envelopes, it’s still my business –  my concept, my drive, my execution and my final product with my name on it.

In the same way you’re not a cheater when you enlist the help of an editor, cover designer, PR person, a publicist, or Bob the shipping guy down at FedEx, a writing partner is just part of your execution team. You dreamed up this book. It’s in your voice, full of your wisdom and experience, and tied directly to your brand. It’s your book no matter who picked up the pen.

All creation is co-creation. Lone wolves are just that, wolves. The rest of us do our best work in community.


We’re Hiring!

Work from Home Sales Professional—Must Love Books!

We conceive, write, design and publish books—it’s really fun stuff. We are looking for a sales professional who can help reach out to specific industries/market segments and help them see how a book can fit into their vision.


You: love books, love to talk about books, are comfortable making cold calls to talk to about books, and like to interact with people in varying industries like professionals, speakers, and directors of non-profits. You also bring your innovative ideas to the table.


We: have a great product, a system for outreach, and a solid list. Love innovative ideas and run with them.


You’ll need a computer, internet and a phone—and some quiet.


Compensation based on experience.


Apply by sending a short voice recording about why this position is interesting to you to Emily (at) Talk about books, your favorite books, and your history of selling.  Don’t bother with a resume, we want to know you.