About Me

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Emily Chase Smith, ESQ.

I take the spark of an idea and bring a book to life.

In the 1970s they believed that nearsightedness could be helped with a regimen of eye exercises and my mother worked with me every day on a giant blackboard in the garage using letters and words. Although she was trying to improve my vision, what she really accomplished was making me a fast and voracious reader. It also helped that we didn’t have cable. BTW: I’m still blind as a bat.


My favorite genres are business books, biographies, memoirs, travelogues, historical fiction and whatever you category we want to call Malcolm Gladwell. I’m forever interested in the who what when where and why and books give you exactly that. It’s reality TV with out the trash.


Through trick of fake known all dutiful firstborns, I headed off to law school. Little did I know that law school and the practice of a law is a business writers best training ground. In what other profession do you interview people extensively and then compile the information you’ve discovered into a cohesive compelling document? The courtroom work was just a necessary evil.


In my practice of law I incorporated blogging, video and podcasting that led to me telling my business story in The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur: Navigating the Money Maze of Running a Business.   As one project lead to the next, I’m now a writing partner and love every minute of it.


I write only books I find interesting. I work only with people I find fascinating. Luckily the world is chock full of both.