Called ghostwriting or co-authoring, we interview you and turn your expert knowledge into a compelling book. At the end you have physical books, electronic versions and a book website. Find out more…


We help you finish your book

Called developmental editing or ‘book doctoring’ we come alongside you with your current manuscript and help you complete it and get it published.  We start with a short call to get to know you, your book and your plans for the book.  Book doctoring will address the overall flow of the work in progress as well as the more micro level of expression of ideas and some copy editing (spelling and grammar).  Pricing is $150 plus $15 per 250 words for each round.  Contact us for more information.


 We coach you as you develop and write your book

You don’t have to go it alone. We give you advice, information and resources either one-on-one or in a group to motivate, encourage and guide you through the mysterious world of publishing.  Individually or in a group, book coaching can help you get your book started or get it unstuck.  Find out more here.



Emily Chase Smith, Esq., speaks about how to take the spark of an idea and bring a book to life in the context of business development.  When you have literally “written the book”, you gain expert status and credibility.

A prominent attorney said the publication of his book did more to build his practice than any other thing he’d done in 25 years. The boosted credibility with a single book had more power than 25 years in practice. It’s true for any profession.

You can see more about Emily here.  Contact us for more information and to book her for your event.