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Book Planning & Proposal Writing

Book proposals are used to sell nonfiction book ideas to traditional or hybrid publishers. It lays out the premise, unique selling proposition, the market, competition, reader demographics and psychographics, affinity groups, and talks about the author’s experience and platform. A good book proposal allows you the author to find an agent and the agent to sell the book to a publisher. It also acts and the roadmap for writing the book itself.

Writing Partnerships

A writing partners or ghostwriter writes book for you using your ideas and insight. She works with you to develop the concept then interviews you and others for the content. She can also incorporate other material like workshops, keynotes, and blogs. Both parties work closely together over the course of several months to put your thoughts and expertise on the page. The biggest advantages of a writing partnership is that you’re not left writing alone in a vacuum and the book moves from concept to reality, i.e., it actually gets done.

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Book Visualization

It can be hard to move from thinking about a book into the full writing process so we’ve begun doing what we call a Book Visualization. We work with the author to develop the book’s premise, unique selling proposition, description, chapter breakdown and tentative title along with a publishing strategy. It’s a way to get your arms around the project, get a vision, and get excited–a baby step if you will–and serves as the base for a full book proposal for traditional publication or an outline for a hybrid or self published books.


For self-published authors the difference between a professional looking book and one that looks “loving hands at home” is design, both cover and interior. Our design services encompass design, testimonial strategy, ISBN, Library of Congress registration, and readying the book for print and Amazon publication.

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Best Seller Seal

Amazon Best Seller

Best Seller status on Amazon is a feather in any author’s cap and comes with a nifty seal for the book cover. We create a launch and pricing strategy including category selection and SEO keywords, provide an email campaign, create the Amazon book and author pages, manage Kindle launch day and monitor sales to achieve Bestseller status in multiple categories.

Blog and social media Content

Together with writing a book or on its own, we write ten compelling blog posts together with related tweets and Facebook posts specifically targeted to your platform and/or upcoming book.

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