Emily Chase Smith, Esq.

Author, Speaker, and CEO of ChaseSmith Press

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Emily Chase Smith, Esq. is a ghostwriter, writing partner, and the CEO of ChaseSmith Press. She helps authors plan, write, and publish content to position them as experts, retain more clients, increase fees, book speaking engagements, and garner media attention. Emily has been a licensed attorney for 19 years and her legal background provided years of interviewing, moving through voluminous information, and crafting it into a persuasive written piece–exactly what she does as a writer. Emily loves beach volleyball, surfing, and reading, and lives with her 3 children in Southern California.


Keynote Title

Own the Ink: Marketing Your Practice Through Content


It’s tough to stand out in a sea of professionals. How do you convey what makes you different from those encamped literally down the hall?

Shorten your prospect meetings, reach out to the community, book better and more prominent speaking engagements with content–blogs, articles, white papers, and ultimately books.

Emily shows you how to articulate your philosophy, share your personal story, and find your voice to connect to your prospective clients and colleagues.

CSP Starflish Only no backgroundDiscover What Purple Rain, Apples, and Mullets have in common–write a book readers will immediately associate with you,

CSP Starflish Only no backgroundLeave them crying like the last kid picked for kickball–be unmerciful in cutting content,

CSP Starflish Only no backgroundMake the Brother P-Touch smoke–organize and label like your life depends on it, and

CSP Starflish Only no backgroundDuck, Duck, Goose. Where should you land on self, hybrid, or traditional publishing?


Emily was one of our top conference speakers. She’s easy to work with, knows her material and brings levity to a tough subject in her keynote, workshop, and panel. One attendee commented, “Emily was gold to business owners.” We look forward to having her at our next event. – Kevin Langdon, ASMC, Apple Specialist Marketing Cooperation

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Emily owns the stage. She is engaging and informative. I could not recommend Emily highly enough to any group that is looking for information they can apply to their business today in a thoroughly entertaining presentation. – Nick Pavlidis, Esq.

CSP Starflish Only no background

Some speakers make complicated concepts easy to understand. Emily Chase Smith does that, but she goes beyond by equipping her audience to shift from mere knowledge of the topic to actually taking action. She’s making a real difference and helping entrepreneurs do business better. – James Woosley, PMP, Author of Conquer the Entrepreneur’s Kryptonite

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Emily is a gifted author and speaker. She takes a seemingly complex topic and breaks it into simple building blocks to provide a firm foundation, on which anyone can understand and build a successful business. Her presentation was entertaining, enlightening and memorable! – Deb Ingino, CEO Strengh Leader Development


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